GTC Warranty Details

GTC Commercial Usage Warranty Breakdown:

As part of our commitment to quality all GTC Machines feature 3 Stage Commercial Usage warranty:

First Year

Comprehensive cover of all Parts for fault or defect through design or manufacture. Includes: Frame, fasteners, screen, console, DC treadmill drive motors, AC treadmill drive motors, generators, inverter etc…… (Excludes consumables). Cover includes local on site labor for repairs if in country of sale, (provided by GTC agent service engineer).

Second Year

Parts only cover for Frame, AC treadmill drive motors, Wiring, Entertainment system, (where fitted) and dampers/cushions. Labour/call out not inclusive.

Third Year

Replacement/repair cover for Frame and AC treadmill drive motors.
Replacement/repair cover for Frame and AC treadmill drive motors. Exclusions, Terms: External force, wear and tear, exposure to conditions beyond reasonable room conditions. Warranty subject to regular annual service/inspection by qualified engineer. Claims on 2Yr/3Yr basis are Return to GTC agent or parts only Basis. All warranty claims are subject to maximum ‘fair usage’, (10,000 Km/year).
Gym Treadmill Company - Warranty Assured
The Gym Treadmill Company3 Stage Commercial Usage warranty.