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Zeus – Elegant, Practical and Compact Performer

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Little Brother to the Titan, the Zeus Treadmill offers similar superb performance. This highly attractive yet superbly functional treadmill will provide years of service to the progressive gym/club. Utilising the same ‘bulletproof’ AC running gear as the Titan, the Zeus has the practical advantage of reduced footprint for those gyms requiring efficiency of space. As always, reliability and functionality are key to the design of this GTC machine. The Zeus also boasts a multitude of functions including Heart Rate Indicator, Direct Speed/Incline input, incline/speed programs and entertainment input. Simplistic yet functional design and manufacture ensure the ZEUS is an excellent choice for the astute gym owner. The purposeful layout of the display will make the Zeus a joy to use for experienced runners and gym newcomers alike.
Motor Power: AC 3.0 Horse Power (continuous duty) / Max Power : 4.6hp
Drive: Variable Inverter Drive frequency controlled AC motor
Speed Input: 7 direct speed keys and 8 direct incline keys
Entertainment: Multi-audio source switch system and high-fi sound system
Console: Large 6 panel LED displays.
HRM: Pulse measurement indicator through handgrip sensors (HRM)
Special Functions: Heart rate control speed function
Programs: 3 manual compilation programs and 5 fixed speed programs
Incline: 5 Incline Level Programs
Incline Levels: 0-20%
Speed Adjustment: 1.6-20km/h
Running Surface: 1.53m x 0.52m
Accessories: Bottle/Ipod Holders
Shipping Carton Volume: 2.19m×0.97m×0.61m
Assembled Size: 2.1m×0.82m×1.4m
Belt Size: 0.52m×3.3m×2.5mm
Gross Weight / Net Weight: 201kg/159kg
Mass User Weight: 160KGS
Color: Black / Grey Construction + Features: Rear Stabilization Foot, and soft foam hand rails. RRP $4579.95 + Plus local taxes (Prices in USD)
The Gym Treadmill CompanyElegant, Practical and Compact Performer
The Gym Treadmill CompanyAttractive Matching Machine Design