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Beautiful Design / Engineering Reliability

Behind every GTC machine is months of design, development and testing. Our Engineering base has years of experience in the commercial Treadmill market and apply this knowledge to each and every new product. Key to our development philosophy is the testing of machines in real gym environments, (rather than purely lab based testing). Because we recognise the need for aesthetically pleasing, robust, reliable, strong and well sized/engineered machines we expose our machines to all sizes, shape, fitness levels and experience of user. Every model will spend months of extensive arduous testing tested in actual gyms. During this period machines are regularly inspected by Trained Engineers to ensure they meet their criteria and delight the customer. The GTC range is all based on proven industrial mechanisms using the simplest and most reliable technology wherever possible.

Drive Type:

Unlike many of the competition all GTC treadmills feature industrial grade 3 phase brushless motors balanced to a highly efficient inverter. There has been a recent market trend to attempt to supply cheap commercial grade treadmills in DC rather than AC motors. In our opinion investment in the key quality components, (namely 3hp motor and inverter) is the most important aspect of treadmill development. It is undeniable that AC machines are not only more reliable than direct current machines but being frequency controlled, (rather than potential difference direct current machines) their performance is supreme. Our AC motors are asynchronous delivering the very best in reliability while DC machines will suffer from finite life brushes limiting their application to commercial usage. The GTC AC Motor will suffer less from intrinsic heating and will have higher efficiency over a DC motor treadmill and as such will reduce gym running costs, (and be greener). This efficiency is twofold, the A.C. Motor will require smaller cooling fan, again reducing running costs and ambient noise.

Motor Sizing:

While selecting an appropriate AC motor, Horsepower, (or KW) should be understood and applied accordingly. We have found running a suitable sized motor within its design load is the most efficient means of providing optimum performance. Typically on our commercial duty treadmills a 3.0Hp, (2.238Kw) continuous duty motor will be used. A motor of this size will operate within efficient parameters for typical loading and will supply sufficient additional power for any peak load or arduous usage. Our 3hp motors incorporate a large rotary inertia mass to provide smooth operation and avoid pulse loading effects. Any motor much larger than 3HP will not operate efficiently and be a burden on power supply. Indeed peak power available from domestic supply in most countries is 3.0Kw so a maximum of 4.0hp of energy is available for all aspects of the machine including drive motor. These constraints mean any motor larger than 3.0 Hp is both pointless and inefficient.
The Gym Treadmill CompanyEvery model will spend months of extensive arduous testing tested in actual gyms.
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The Gym Treadmill CompanyRobust, reliable, strong & well sized/engineered machines.
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