Current Models - GTC Titan

Titan - Backbone to the Modern Gym

Click to Enlarge The flagship model from GTC, the Titan is a force to be reckoned with. As the name suggests, the Titan is a truly VAST machine. It expands the bounds of operation, sufficient for extended high speed running and accommodates the gate of the tallest of users. Well designed, easy to operate, robust design & longevity are the key criteria in the development of GTC Titan. With many years experience in the industry, GTC offer the very best in the latest engineered treadmill design & performance in one remarkable package. The GTC Titan has many intrinsic functions, making it the most practical & economical option for any gym/commercial environment.
Motor Power: AC 3.0 Horse Power (continuous duty) / Max Power : 4.6hp
Drive: Variable Inverter Drive frequency controlled AC motor
Speed Input: 7 direct speed keys and 8 direct incline keys
Entertainment: Multi-audio source switch system and high-fi sound system
Console: Speed and incline LED dial instrument display (Patent Pending)
HRM: Pulse measurement indicator through handgrip sensors (HRM)
Special Functions: Heart rate control speed function
Programs: 3 manual compilation programs and 8 fixed speed programs
Incline: 5 Incline Level Programs
Features: Robust anti-slip running board skirting
Incline Levels: 0-20%
Speed Adjustment: 1.6-20km/h
Running Surface: 1.75m0.61m
Shipping Carton Volume: 2.55m1.1m0.67m
Assembled Size: 2.46m1.0m1.53m
Belt Size: 0.61m3.74m4.5mm
Gross Weight / Net Weight: 275kg/205kg
Mass User Weight: 160KGS
Color: Black / Grey Construction also features: Aluminium foot support, and soft foam hand rails. RRP $5209.95 + Plus local taxes (Prices in USD)
The Gym Treadmill CompanyWell designed, easy to operate, robust design and durability.
The Gym Treadmill CompanyThe Titan is a truly VAST machine.